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I've got a notebook labeled "natcomp@", which seems to be an Uniwill 340S2, bios-string is 62-0213-001403-00101111-071595-SIS630-340S001-0, version is 0.01.14 released 05/19/2000. It is working with an iP3 550E. At the Uniwill-FTP I've found bios 1.09 released 05/21/2001.
I've flashed this 'new' one, worked fine, but the POST told me the installed CPU is an iP3 366 -> wrong FSB. The setup has an entry for the FSB, but it can't be changed.
Cause of that, I flashed 0.01.14 back, but the FSB is still 66MHz and this bios has no entry for the FSB.

What can I do to change the FSB back to 100MHz / CPU to 550MHz?


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You might have to clear CMOS.
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