Updated 600E to PIII 500, page faults, Memory erors HELP!

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Well after reading SHAREDOC's awsome posts i scraped a newer dell with a PIII 500 MMC in it and tried it in my 600E,

First i had the 127 ERROR, edited the cmos and fixed that...

Then i had major stability probs, so changed B2 from 80 to 81... and disabled the onboard mem but i still cannot setup a good version if XP..

When i try the older HD with a good install of XP from another 6OO it gives me a BSOD during load saying something about ASCPI.

Then i try to do a fresh install on another HDD i get a BSOD half way through setup with page faults. :o

I have 2 stick of PC100 in it right now. im wondering if im using the wrong type

SHAREDOC or anybody and ideas?

I would appreciate any help
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