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#41997 by dominiks
Wed Nov 15, 2006 11:11 pm

i tried to upgrade myThinkpad 390x (PII 400MHz) with a 256 MB PC133 SO-DIMM module (in the other memoryslot there was a PC100SO-DIMM with 128MB). My 390x boots up and recognizes about 384MB ram. But when it comes to grub (the Linux operating system loader) then it hangs. If I boot my 390x only with the new 256MB PC133 module (after removing the old 128MB PC100 module) then i get even at the boot only a blackscreen.

As i read in the "i440bx chipset RAM module compatibility FAQ" there is the statement "Every PC133 Dimm is backwards compatible to PC100", seen at [1]. But I also heard from someone that it is not possible to run an old i440bx based notebook with PC133(SO)DiMMs. Is it true? If not how can I upgrade my 390x with a 256MB PC133 SO-DIMM module? Do I have to use the 390x own bios hex editor?

Sorry for my bad English.


[1] ... ble._But_I