who made it?

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i have a notebook , PIII 1Gh,ami bios id¿?, mb p/n: 37-U69000-03-340S8 rev.03 chipset SIS 630s (the bios don't work) :cry:
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possibly Twinhead 340S8
From http://www.ibms.sinica.edu.tw/~jon/twinhead.html
Installing Linux on a Twinhead 380S8:
This is a twinhead 340S8 machines also marketed as a 3200 and 3400 models in various countries. It is also the same as a Uniwill 340S8 and some GVC and Genicom models (all of which usually have 340S in the model number somewhere), this one has a 14.1 XGA TFT screen
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