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#45896 by nazfrank
Sat Aug 25, 2007 5:45 am
I've got a 2003 FIC desktop slimline with a VC35 motherboard with Award bios (iee41). This is the BIOS that was originally installed. I went to update for Northwood support (I'm running a 1.8 Celeron now) and I followed all the instructions to a T. The Award flash utility (from FIC) goes through the steps, the white blocks fill in section by section, the screen says flash complete, remove floppy and press F1. I do this and the computer reboots but the screen says that I still have the old BIOS version (iee41) instead of the newer (iee44).
I've done this several times and still no update. What could I be doing wrong?? The flash utility says that I have done everything right. I'm at a loss on this. Any suggestions? Thank you... Frank