Boot Problem Intel WS 440 BX 4W4SB0X0.15A.0019.P14

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I can´t follow all the posts of this thread.
Seems that the BIOS: 4W4SB0X0 was not found.

Well I have a motherboard like the one described, from GATEWAY and also with an adaptec 2940UW, and a big mix of SCSI and IDE devices, and I have no problems. The boot is quick. I usualy run Win2K, and have a partition for WinXP, just for tests.

Anyway, the bios can be found at this gateway page: ... odity=BIOS

Here you can use the browser find(on this page...) with the keyword 4W4SB0X0.

Can be find there a link to: "More information" and another one to "Download Now"

Hope that's all about, as I said I did not follow all the posts.

Good luck.
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Well, because I am here I can use this thread to make some questions About the board that uses this BIOS.

I am run the board now with a 600MHz PIII Katmai, (update from the original PII 450MHz), and I usually think that this (600Mhz PIII), is the top CPU that can be used in this board because of the problem of the voltage to the CPU. I see the change log for the BIOS posted here, is it possible use faster CPU's after all. What is the maximum supported? (800MHz - changeLog P11-0016? 1200MHz - changeLog P13-0018?).
I am confused now... :(

Thanks and very sorry for use this thread.
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I updated the board from a PIII 500 MHz to 850 MHz and as far as I know this is the fastest processor supported, because of the limitation to 100 MHz FSB. Seams that the faster PIII's use the 133 MHz FSB, also there is really not much choice in Processors in Slot 1 packaging above that and I never had much luck using PGA 370 to Slot 1 Adapters. This should not mean that a faster processor is not recognized at all, but the bus speed will be still limited to 100 MHz.

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Don't forget about the PIII-1100 (11x100) FCPGA, which uses the same core as the PIII-850.... Most of the available PIII-1100 use the 133FSB with a lower multiplier.
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