flash BIOS changes BIOS ID???

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If I flashing BIOS, does this BIOS ID remain unchanged?

I get an used board w/o any manual, so I have to figure out what the chipset is and so on.

later I get something rather odd.

It is printed on the chipset "SB82437VX" and another one is 'SB82371VX'
I think this board use Intel 430 VX

But on the POST screen (count the memory screen) the BIOS ID printed 02/08/96-82430FX-PI-5XTP4-00. Does this ID string belongs to Intel FX chipset '82430FX'?

Moreover, I want to use my CD drive but the BIOS can't detect my drive.
AFAIK Intel VX can detect any ATAPI CD drive. Does the previous owner flash the BIOS with Intel FX BIOS?

Anyone can help me?

other info

using CTBIOS
Com ID : FC
Type : AT
Bios date : 02/08/96
Award BIOS : Award Modular BIOS v 4.50PG
Awar ID string : 02/08/96-82430FX-PI-5XTP4-00
Board/Bios version : #401A0-0115 10

printed on the board
J-656 VXB
ver : 3

printed on the BIOS
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Former owner has flashed the wrong bios on your Jetway J-656VXB board.

Use uniflash to flash the proper bios on it including bootblock.

Make sure you get the version for the right I/O chip.

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