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After eliminating my hard drive from being the reason why my computer wouldnt boot windows me(whose disk I'v now lost :roll: ) I decided that the it must be a boot up virus as the computer had become gradually more and more ustable with time.
So my motherboard(epox) is an ep-8kta2 via kt133 agpset, whose bios serial numbrer is 01/10/2001-8363686b-6a6lmpa9c-00. I downloaded a new bios from th epox website. However,on flashing(alt-f2) I get a screen with a box(looks like DOS)asking me to type in a space labelled"filename to program" Firstly I don't know what to write here and secodly I have an error message at the bottom of th box in Red!?Why as I got the bios from the manufacturer.....Hope you can help my address is
Thanks for reading to the end and any help you can offer
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You'll have to type the BIOS filename. It might come zipped, so you might need to extract it first.
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it's not because the computer is becoming more and more unstable, that you can conclude that you have a virus! I would think it's a heat problem!
Check your hardware monitors in the BIOS or use eg SiSoft Sandra to check the temperature.
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