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#45432 by JEWilson
Fri Jul 13, 2007 6:00 pm
Have a problem updating the BIOS to most recent i.e. B10

First, the board required a cmos clear to identify the diskette.
But the bios update diskette is not recognised at boot.
Operating system not found
Changed the boot order to take account of diskette drive first.

The diskette will seek at POST but will not boot any diskettes!

I thought the diskettes may be the problem, so... tried a
MemTest 86 v3.3 diskette - problem persists.

Next, I would like to undertake a BIOS recovery and so
got the B9 BIOS which contained the recovery files but the
problem persists. The diskette will not boot even the recovery
files and just sits with the disk access light on beeps.

I do hear the disk attempting to access the media and it
keeps retrying.

I will try another diskette drive first.

Any help appreciated.