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#55856 by rytomi
Thu Oct 07, 2010 8:18 pm
Hello. I have a Jetway JNF91-600-LF integrated motherboard and the ADPCM2 daughter board which adds a PCMCIA slot and Compact Flash slot. I would like to boot this computer from the CF slot, however there is no option in the BIOS.

I have contacted Jetway Computer Tech support and they have told me that it "is possible", but the Award BIOS would need to be modified, and they are unwilling to do it since they would need to purchase a license from Award to modify it as the manufacturer, and it is not cost effective since the board is discontinued. I was hoping perhaps one of the gurus here could take a look at the BIOS code and see if it is possible.

A link to the motherboard on the Jetway site is here:

A link to the latest BIOS is here:

Although there is no link on their site to the ADPCM2 daughter board, it connects to the 120-pin connector on the motherboard, which I have been told by Jetway is basically a PCI interface.

Any help is appreciated.