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#29270 by Wayfarer
Sun Jan 23, 2005 12:07 pm
With all the information below you'd think I'd easily have found my BIOS update. I thought so too. After three days of intensive searching the web and mind you i think i do the search thing pretty effectively, this is my last resort. So help me out willya guys??!!

(a) One thing is for sure...the motherboard is the GIGABYTE GA-8VM533 Motherboard
(Socket 478, P4 Motherboard *VIA P4M266A & VT8235 Chipsets *MicroATX *533MHz *3xPCI *1xAGP 4x *2xDDR (max.2GB) *ATA 133 *VIA VT6103 Lan *AC97 Via VT1616 sound *Integrated Graphics 32MB max *2xUSB2. cs1310)

(b) Boot Up Screen shows : 12/03/2003-P4M266A-8235-6A6LWG0CC-00 and GA-8VM533 DL F2a

(c) AIDA System Info Tool gives:
1. Flash Memory Type: SST 39SF040
2. Flash Memory Size: 4M Bits (00000-7FFFF) [which should be 512K cos thats what the BIOS Update tool Q-flash suggests]
3. BIOS Model Version Information: GA-8VM533 DL F2a
4. BIOS Type: Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
5. Award BIOS Message: GA-8VM533 DL F2a
6. System BIOS Date: 12/02/03 Video BIOS Date: 12/27/02

Can anyone explain what the DL means in the BIOS message GA-8VM533 DL F2a? I did find the updates for the GA-8VM533 motherboardboard at the gigabyte website but none had a DL series. Also the update came with the award flash program which used a file whose filesize was 256K instead of the 512K it was supposed to be. The file was also not in the .bin format which the updates should be in.

I really need the update as my photoshop crashes like crazy every single time and I'm about going the same way too.