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#53246 by videoclock
Sun Aug 09, 2009 12:01 pm
I have a motherboard: DFI K6XV3+/66 Rev BB+
The processor is: AMD K6 II 550 MHz
The RAM memory is: 128 MB in one module
The BIOS is: Award BIOS
That's the version: 04/12/2000-VP3-596B-DD-2A5LED4GC-00 K6BV3+/66
Graphic Card: ATI, but I don't know the model (tell me if there is any way to know the model if PC doesn't boot)

Ok, I tell what happens:
When I turn the button to switch on the PC, one of the following things occur, whitout to know before turning it, which of them is going to occur:
1.- I don't hear any beep, nothing appears on the screen, system hangs
2.- I hear four beeps, with irregular duration, nothing appears on the screen, system hangs
3.- I hear one correct beep, the correct information of the BIOS appears on the screen, I boot from some Linux Live CD, whose logos appears with same areas with changed shades of colours, and in one unspecified point of time, system hangs or reboots itself.

Times I've got the point 3, I've used different Linux Live CD and a lot of times I got the changed shades of colours in same areas of the logos. But in all times I got the point 3 system hanged o rebooted itself.

I don't know if all this abnormal behaviour is related or there are more than one independent problems.

Why do I get this behaviour? I have this PC about 8 years and I didn't get it working correctly. Since I knew this forum some weeks ago, I think someone can help me in that. Tell me if you need more information.

Thank you in advance