Tyan S1467-01 - Rare Motherboard Seeks for Floppy on Startup

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As I discovered earlier (http://www.wimsbios.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=3313) I own a very rare motherboard produced by Tyan. The motherboard seeks for a floppy disk - I suspect a BIOS boot disk? - after I took out the Odin RTC, suspecting it was dead.

Because I am still very green when it comes to BIOS stuff, I was wondering if my hypothesis is correct. What steps would I do to remedy this?

Also, because my motherboard is a rare release from Tyan, I am unable to find any sort of BIOS support for it. It is a model number S1467-01. Can anyone help me here? Would possibly the BIOS' from either the S1466 or S1468 work (even though they each have a different number of PCI/ISA cards arranged)?
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Let's keep it to one thread per motherboard, please.
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