Bios Info--to upgrade or not to upgrade and how to.

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I went to the PC Chips web-site and clicked on M571 and found my M571 V3.2A motherboard info. I downloaded the zip file for the manual and the jumpers.

I also downloaded the following from the site into a "storage" folder just in case I need it:

M571 V3.2(A)Bios_19990514S_AMI
M571 V3.2(A)Bios_20020201S_Beta_AMI
M571 V32_2.2V_Hack_TXT

I have NO experience with upgrading BIOS/flashing BIOS, etc, and I don't even know if I need to or if it would help my computer a lot. If you could please give some general advice and perhaps answer some of these questions, I would be grateful. It's great to have this site to learn about this stuff. I was clueless before, now I'm only cluele :wink:

The questions:

1-A friend installed the Motherboard and I came to this site to have knowledge of what I have in my computer. Now I know a bit more. How do I know whether to leave it alone or whether I should upgrade/update my BIOS?

2-Are "flashing the bios" and upgrading the bios the same thing or something different?

3-I am assuming that the downloads above that say BIOS are the BIOS upgrades, correct?? If so, if I do upgrade, how do I know which version to choose?

4-I also saw something for a ROM BIOS download. Is that something completely different or the same thing by a different name?

5-What is the Hack.TXT file above? Any ideas?

Thank you in advance for being patient with my questions.
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Duplicate, answered in the original thread here: