Need bios for everex stepnote

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The plot thickens, I installed windows 2000 and it says that the bios is disabling my soundcard by not giving it the proper resources, is there any way to fix this? I have tried enabling and disabling the soundcard in the bios to no avail

Can anyone find a bios for an Everex Stepnote SE Bios ID 100-0208-3001

Also I am wondering if Birch was a common enough laptop motherboard maker for spare parts to be available.

Anyway I have an Everex Stepnote SE w/ a birch g7102541 b76n01 motherboard and a
Birch BC M 166-2.45 laptop cpu card w/ a soldered intel p166mmx cpu

The card has lables that look like a jumper setting table (r1-r7) from 133mhz to 233mhz

I would like to buy a new laptop cpu module in a higher speed or figure out how to overclock this little guy.

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