Quest for a compatible RAM upgrade

Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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Hi there!

My current system config:-
Intel Original D865GBF board
Intel Celeron D 320 [2.4GHz] - 533MHz FSB
Unknown Taiwanese brand PC-2100 256MB DDR-266 [1st of 4 slots]

Desired upgradation options:-
1. 512MB DDR-333/400 (1*512 OR 2*256), or
2. 1GB DDR-333/400 (2*512)

Intel D865GBF motherboard manual warns that an 800MHz FSB "must" be
used if DDR-400 RAM is to be installed. Only DDR-333 is compatible with
both 533/800 MHz FSB CPUs. Here's the link :-

1. Should I go for the DDR-333 or 400 RAM module(s)?
2. Can I still install DDR-400 and hope it'll work with my 533MHz FSB
Celeron D? Is there a possibility that the RAM will clock it down to sync?
3. Is it possible for me to keep my existing DDR-266 installed with the
new (to-be-bought) DDR-333/400 RAM modules? In broad sense, is it
possible to mix-n-match RAM modules of different speeds and/or sizes?

Please remember that keeping my system in a good sync is my top
priority. I just don't want to sacrifice system stability for a small gain in
RAM speed in megahertz. If installing new DDR-400 modules in my system
or keeping my existing cheap DDR-266 module with the soon-to-be-bought
new RAMs will make my system any vulnerable to crashes, I'd rather not
do it.

Kindly suggest a suitable solution, ASAP!

- AgentX
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Get PC-3200 memory - it is fully backwards compatible with PC-2700

PC-3200 = use DDR-400 chips, runs at 200 MHz
PC-2700 = use DDR-333 chips, runs at 166 MHz
FSB 533 = runs with 133 MHz

This section in your manual or website does only explain if a CPU with 133 MHz is used then memory does run with 166 MHz as max. Memory specified to run with 200 Mhz is fully backwards compatible to run with 166 MHz.
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Thanks Denniss!
I got a pair of Kingston PC3200 DDR400 512MB modules running in
dual-channel perfectly, though at 333MHz speed. Blame it on Celeron!

Now I have another problem. My PC is running really very hot these days.
Motherboard hardware monitor reports 50-51C at startup, with System
Zone 1 at 38C and System Zone 2 at 40-41C. Room temp is 36-37C, with
no AC running. After a while, CPU temp rises to 54-55C and System Zone
2 goes up to 43-44C. CPU fan speed in RPM reads ~5100. Because of this
much of heat produced in the cabinet, the system shuts itself down some-
times. After starting it up again, it reports emergency shutdown because
of temperature problems, and asks to press F4 key to resume setup.

I have 4 80mm fans attached to the cabinet, 2 in and 2 out. I suspect this
problem has arised with the rising mercury in my hot country. BTW, I'm
still running my configuration on a 300W PSU (or SMPS, if you prefer).
Could the heat be forming because of this? My full sys config is:-

- ATX Cabinet w/ 300W PSU (P4 compatible, doh!)
- A reputed (no, not APC) line-interactive 700VA UPS
- Celeron D 320 (2.4GHz)
- Intel D865GBF board
- Kingston PC3200 DDR400 RAM (2*512MB)
- 1 Seagate 80GB HDD, 1 Seagate 6.4GB HDD
- A samsung DVD-ROM, An HP CD16ri CD-RW writer
- MSI nVIDIA GeForce4 Ti4400 128MB AGP 4x card
- An FDD (1.44MB / 3.5")
- Samsung Stereo Speakers

I think a 300W PSU is not sufficient to bear this much of load. Should I
opt for a reliable 400W one?

Also, when I put my DDR266 256MB module along with the Kingstons, the
overall memory speed decreases to 266MHz, and the system switches to
single-channel mode. Which is more beneficial to power-user ...extra 256
megabytes of RAM or the speed increase from 266 to 333 + dual-channel?

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A 300W should be enough unless it's one of the very cheapo Codegen or similar manufacturers.
Maybe you need some additional case fans to pull hot air out of the case.
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