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#30934 by AgentX
Sun Apr 10, 2005 8:02 pm
Hi there!

My current system config:-
Intel Original D865GBF board
Intel Celeron D 320 [2.4GHz] - 533MHz FSB
Unknown Taiwanese brand PC-2100 256MB DDR-266 [1st of 4 slots]

Desired upgradation options:-
1. 512MB DDR-333/400 (1*512 OR 2*256), or
2. 1GB DDR-333/400 (2*512)

Intel D865GBF motherboard manual warns that an 800MHz FSB "must" be
used if DDR-400 RAM is to be installed. Only DDR-333 is compatible with
both 533/800 MHz FSB CPUs. Here's the link :-

1. Should I go for the DDR-333 or 400 RAM module(s)?
2. Can I still install DDR-400 and hope it'll work with my 533MHz FSB
Celeron D? Is there a possibility that the RAM will clock it down to sync?
3. Is it possible for me to keep my existing DDR-266 installed with the
new (to-be-bought) DDR-333/400 RAM modules? In broad sense, is it
possible to mix-n-match RAM modules of different speeds and/or sizes?

Please remember that keeping my system in a good sync is my top
priority. I just don't want to sacrifice system stability for a small gain in
RAM speed in megahertz. If installing new DDR-400 modules in my system
or keeping my existing cheap DDR-266 module with the soon-to-be-bought
new RAMs will make my system any vulnerable to crashes, I'd rather not
do it.

Kindly suggest a suitable solution, ASAP!

- AgentX