VP4-686A-2A5LHIL9C-00 (¿NII-100?) ANY INFO

Request help finding jumper settings or a motherboard manual.
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ViA VT8501 aka MVP4 is able to run a 100MHz FSB and AMD K6-2 CXT cores have multiplicators upto 6. The fastest AMD K6-2 tops out at 550MHz (5.5x100) but could be pushed to 600MHz (6x100). Anyway that would be overclocking ;) The board has a switching regulator (as far as i can tell from yagamiar's pictures) so no problems concerning cpu current should arise.
The board seems to have onboard RAM soldered right to the SD-RAM socket..my guess: 16MB.
No clues about the jumper stuff as i don't own one of those boards and the pictures are way too bad to tell anything ;)
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The SW3 is for adjusting the multiplier
SW2 is for bus speed and vcore adjustment

Most I could get to recognize was 272megs with a 256meg PC133 stick(kingston I think) and the 16meg onboard

The Instant Internet 100 was renamed in later revisions the Connectivity 100.....there are a ton of revisions of the device as I have an older Instant Internet 100 which has an ISA slot and a 486 powering it.

I had running in mine (passive heatsink) K6-2 380 oc'd to 400mhz(4x mult with 100mhz FSB).

As for the VGA connector I made a working one....basically need the R, G, B, H-sync, V-sync, and a ground. The pins going the long way go 1,2,3...ect

I haven't gotten any PS/2 ports working on the device :(

USB didn't get the chance, power surge through the cable modem took out one of the interfaces so it's sitting in a closet now.

The watchdog is just a small wire you cut so when your running a non-nortel/bay networks OS it doesn't reboot 20 seconds after power on. It is a bare wire near the CPU socket...if looking from the front of the device just before the CPU socket.....almost looks like it's not there.

There's two sets of blank ports.....one looked like an additional RS-232 port and the other which is closer to the power supply is either USB....might if lucky or PS/2 maybee.
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sorry my response is a few years late ... but I thought you might want to know who was responsible for your frustration. I bought someof these Nortel systems [motherboard, power supply, integrated 8-port 10/100 switch, network cables, rack mounting hardware] ... $30.00 (us) each. At www.geeks.com about 1 year ago. I use them for embedded linux firewall systems. If you still need information try the Nortel archive support site.
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Info from http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topi ... _next=next

[quote]J12 is the PS/2 keyboard and probably mouse too

(pin 1 is at the back of the case, basically it is the closest corner of J12 to the CF-IDE; square pin if you look at board bottom, naturally)

2 == DAT
4 == N.C.
6 == GND
8 == +5V
0 == CLK (and yes I mean 10 not 0, but that would screw up my pitiful diagram)[/quote] "

Has anyone been able to successfully boot off of a cd with this system board?
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