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Hello lads...

I was given the best part of a truck load of old systems to wreck out over
the weekend, & in amongst the units was a box with a brand new
Soyo 4SA W2/W5 486 motherboard, complete with manual...

Also, in opening another old unit up I found the manual for the board
sitting inside the case the board was in, I cant see any markings on the
board that would ID it, even the manual has no manufacturer ID on it,
just that it calls the board a 486WB...

I figured someone here would probably appreciate a full scan of these 2
manuals, even the Tseng labs ET4000 AX VGA manual was in the case, which
is handy as it has a 4 post switch on it, along with jumpers...
The manuals were in a plastic bag taped to the inside of the case...

Any takers..?
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