Clevo Notebook Modell M66S- does not recognize MiniPCIe Card

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Hello everybody,

i currently got a notebook into my hands from manufacturer Clevo.(Modell Nr. M66S, Product Code M660S).

There is an unused Mini-PCIe Slot on the systemboard, where i wanted to put some wireless card into it.

So i decided to get an Intel 3945ABG MiniPCIe Card. But for some reason this card doesnt get recognized by the operating system.

Talking to clevo´s support they answered me to use the "802.11 B+G MINI CARD (USB) REALTEK CHIPSET WLAN MODULE AW-GU700" instead of the Intel one.

After i read several threads in this wonderful forum (especially the thread about hp´s lock about several wlan cards through the bios) i came to the conclusion, there must be something similar with this bios from the clevo notebook.

Now my question: is it possible to modify the bios so i can use the bought intel mini pcie card?

I however could post a link to the binary file, i saved from the bios´ eeprom.

thanks in advance

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