GA-K8N Ultra 9 flash recovery help needed

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I've tried to flash my Gigabyte mainboard BIOS with @BIOS Windows utility. This is on a Dual BIOS board and I was flashing the main BIOS. Sadly, update failed on 50%. This is perhaps because Gigabyte forgotten to solder BIOS Write Protect jumper and I assumed (falsely?) that no jumper=no protection.
Anyway, PC would now start, show memory count screen correctly, say about corrupt NVRAM and prompt me to press F1 or Del. After that any keypress would lead to just a permanently flashing symbol in the top left corner of the screen. Main BIOS is corrupted and I am not able to switch to Backup for restoring.
I then desoldered the main BIOS from the mainboard and it started fine on Backup BIOS.

Dilemma now is how can I recover my main BIOS. I can swap MAin and Backup and reflash the faulty chip, but this is risky as it involves blasting everything with the hot air gun. I also heard that it is possible to use a different mainboard for reproducing an "alien" BIOS. I heard that you will need to start your "doctor" board as normal, pull its BIOS out, install the faulty BIOS and run flash utility for the "doctor" board with your desired flash file specified.
My question is - is the above method correct? Or is there a third simpler method. Keep in mind that my faulty BIOS chip is not soldered onto the mainboard now. I have Asus A7N8X to use as "doctor" is the method works.

Any help is appreciated.
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