EFI BIOS support AHCI natively for external card ?

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I heard that current EFI BIOS support AHCI natively, where natively means: EFI BIOS does not invoke the Option ROM on external card(there is ACHI controller on it) and can identify/configure this card itself then user can choose it as the boot device ....

Is that true ? :?:

* I have one PCIe-SATA external card and there is one SPI ROM on it( I guess this is the option ROM for this card)
* My MB is ASUS Z77 V LE-PLUS and the BIOS is the EFI BIOS
* I want to remove the SPI ROM on that card and try to verify if this EFI BIOS can identify/configure it correctly... :lol:
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What is the brand/model of this add-in card? Oh and why aren't you using the nboard SATA ports in the first place? Would be a lot easier.

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