Tool to extract latest Intel microcode for bios modding

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DEar experts p5vd1-x support 1066 mhz fsb infact it has pt880 ultra northbridge... and supports pentium 4 ee 1066... I've only problems to implement pentium 965 dual core 1066 on it... is there a solution?
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The P5VD1-X supports Pentium D 960. Since the Pentium D 965 EE is the same processor just with a higher core clock it should be supported by the latest BIOS.
Head over to ASUS and get the latest BIOS for your mainboard.
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Hello I just used your this program to separate the microcode dat into its corresponding microcode data files and for my 2600K I am sure that the proper file is cpu000206a7_plat00000012_ver00000028_date20120424.bin as 206a7 is the designation for the 2600K on intels own pdf, but the size of the file is 9KB which I find odd also when I extract via MM tool I find the size of the microcode update to be 23KB which also is too large. Regardless it seems I have a way to go but I wont be able to get around the 9KB file provided by your tool anyway did it not cut this section correctly do later processors have larger microcodes? Anyway thank you for a great tool tho its what 5 years later. If you are even here........ If anyone has any information it would be greatly appreciated. Does anyone know how to check the version or date of a microcode update there is supposed to be a header file for this but so far my hex editor pulls up nothing with 2013 feb 25 being the date of the latest microcode.dat. TY this is something Ive thought about 5 years now and finally found the cracks(search terms) to actually do it.
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