Looking for motherboard with similar bios

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This one's a little different. I've got an LG LRM-519 DVR that I picked up for $14. It has no hard drive.
Inside it is a Celeron 733, i830m chip and ICH4.

If you install an IDE hard drive in it, it boots up and says that you need to do a factory reset, but then the next boot fails.

I know this device ran a custom version of Windows that they made for DVRs back in 2005. I installed a drive that had XP on it but it still fails to boot. Some further research showed that Microsoft required the Windows based DVRs to have digitally signed kernels or they won't boot.

What I'm planning on doing is unsoldering the bios chip (it's a 512KB 49LF008A) and hot flashing it in another board (hopefully)

So I'm needing to find a motherboard with specs close enough to this one that I might be able to make something happen with a bios from that board.
From my research it doesn't seem like it's a normal setup because the ICH4 was more typically used with the i845 Northwood Pentium 4 chipset and not the i830 chipset which was used more with the Tualiatin Pentium 3M chip.

This is more of a challenge than an absolute need, but I'd like to see if there's anything out there that might work. I remember way back in the day hacking award bioses by extracting modules and inserting them into other boards. I'm not sure if stuff like that is still done.

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Sounds more like a laptop board to me. What brand is the bios BTW? Award, AMI, Phoenix, completely custom?

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