Attempted BIOS update, laptop won't power off

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So, I stupidly attempted to update my PC with a BIOS update from HP, and I wasn't 100% certain it was the right one. When I tried to run it (from the BIOS Setup screens), it told me it wasn't the correct BIOS. So, I thought nothing was changed.

But now, when I try poweroff, there are a lot of output messages and the poweroff process stops. I can power off the PC by holding the power button. I can reboot the PC and everything seems normal. I just cannot power it off completely, either with the Gnome poweroff applet or by "systemctl poweroff".

My PC is an HP Probook 450 G3 and my OS is Fedora 26 64-bit. There is nothing Windows-oriented on the system.

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there are a lot of output messages
Sounds like Fedora not happy and more an OS problem than a bios problem. Have you checked the logfiles to see what it is actually complaining about?

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