HP Compaq 6720s intel vbios update from Compaq 6910p

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Hopefully someone will be kind enough to help me out..

I encounter a strange problem with my HP Compaq 6720s gpu (vbios 1471). If I open the laptop and let it boot normally, after windows 7 loads the video driver, I get a freeze and immediately a BSOD BUT if I open the laptop and then I enter in bios setup, then exit without save and let it boot, the laptop and gpu works normally (tested in games).
What I want is to extract somehow the updated vbios from Compaq 6910p bios (has same chipset) (vbios 1668) and patch it to my actual bios, hopefully it will fix my problem.
Any help is greatly appreciated!
bios here: http://specimen.ro/both_bios.zip
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Last OS supported on that one is Windows Vista.

You might try to upgrade to the latest system bios which will include a new vbios.

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