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I have dead Dell Studio 1535. When powered on lights flash in sequence on the media bar, they then go off, no display, no boot and no fan.

I suspect a crashed or damaged chip. Holding D key on power on tests screen with different colours. Pressing 'End' key, inserting power cable then releasing 'End' key puts unit into Bios writing mode, power light changes from white to orange and fan runs at high speed.

I've tried a program called Wincrisis to create a bootable floppy drive for a USB drive or USB pendrive but this program is for Phoenix BIOS.

While the Studio 1537 uses a Phoenix BIOS for certain, the 1535 uses a different interface that just says Dell Inc. Studio 1535 at the top of the screen with no mention of Phoenix.

Does anyone know if Wincrisis will work for this motherboard?

Both floppy and pendrive flash momentarily before unit powers down and on reset there's no change.

Perhaps there's another flashing method?

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