Toshiba 4010CDT - need bios info - after LCD change

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Hi all!
First of all, very nice forum.

I have following problem.
I've connected small 6,1" TFT LCD (640x480) instead of 12" (800x600) original TFT panel to Toshiba 4010CDT.
It is working ok, but display is out of screen. I wrote a small utility that changes some values in C&T 65555 and let me center the screen, but after each gfx mode change the graphics card registers need such change.
It is annoying...

You may ask why to connect smaller LCD to notebook - answer is pretty simple : it will be used in my car as "carputer".

Does anyone has a knowledge how to modify the BIOS ?
I know the values I need in specific registers of that gfx chip (65555), I know ports they should be written to.
I don't know how to modify the BIOS image...
PhoenixBios editor has failed to load this BIOS image. (old format ?)

Does anyone know where is entry point in bios image file (how to find the byte that is addressed at F000:FFF0 jump instruction ?)

Thanks in advice,
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Hey, I have this laptop right now. Are you still interested for the bios? How can I dump it?
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