APM/ACPI BIOS questions
#1182 by djwhite
Fri Apr 19, 2002 9:58 am
I have big problem ( power problem I think).

Indications: I turn on computer and after some time it turns off. Only ATX case_monitor stay on power ( nothing on the screen but the led blincking). No rule about power off_it could heppend after few minutes after turning on the computer or after few hours. When it is happens (out of power) no one of the front led on the case blink_it mean the ATX is out of power supply and of course out of hard disc activity. No messages on the screen before power out and when I turn it again he starts to scan HD for possible erors and inform me to turn off computer in wright way_Start_ Shut_Down...( usual situation when turn off computer on wrong way_pull of the cable from power supply swich or push power buton on case)

What I tryed:

First_hardware problem: I changed the power cable. I used power cable from monitor for ATX power supply and ATX power supply cable used for monitor power supply and it happend again_the ATX case suddenly turnd off and monitor stay on power (that mean no cable problem). Then I suspect on network power. Maybe is power to low or too high from 220V but other divaces on the same power swich allways stay on power when it happend (no network problem or maybe the ATX power supply is more sensitive then other devices on that power swich). After that I thought the problem is in power swich contact in case_on the power box_but when I moved the cable the ATX stay on power (it does not turn off_no contact problem). The ATX stay without power suddenlly with no reason.

Second_software problem: I thought it is software problem_virus,windows or something like that. I back up Windows system files and get the latest Norton virus definitions update but ther is no virus found (no virus problem or...). Last what I did was reinstaling Windows and at the moment_I worked only few hours after that_no problems. Buy the way when I started Norton Antivirus first time after that it showes master boot records changed and if I would like to save changes but it woudn't be a problem becouse I get Windows update from Microsoft official site before that and Norton react. It happend me before the power problems.

I know that is easy to change power box in ATX case but what if that is no problem. Allso I checked bios settings and there is no changes before and after problem. Of course Contro Panel_Power Management is set to allways on_never turn off

Anybody have idea?