APM/ACPI BIOS questions
#29566 by djwhite
Mon Feb 07, 2005 2:43 pm
Yesterday I have instaled AMD Sempron 2800+ in motherboard Asus A7V880 and there is a power problem.


I have instaled WinXP+SP2 on it and when I go to windows shut down it stops on mesage:windows is shuting down and no shut down.The power led start to blink (like in standby). SW/HWRestart and 4s buton shut down work perfect.No sudden shut down in work.PC work perfect.


First I check settings in bios and everything looks normal.I try to change some settings in power window of bios and problem remain.Second I try to change power pin position on MB (i think maybee wire from power buton or SW pins on MB are problem) but after that power buton (as restart buton) work perfect and softwer restart (through power buton) work perfect but SW shut down (through restart buton) problem remain but allso 4s hardware shut down (through restart buton) work perfect.It means there is no buton or MB power pin problem.Then I try to change ATX (asuming maybee ATX is not OK becouse it act like AT maybee 12V conector problem or so) but problem still there.Then I flash bios with the newist one 1008 and nothing achive.I try to disable APM in bios but nothing.Allso any change in Win ControlPanel_powere option did not give any result. When I disable ACPI in bios WinXP does not start of course (becouse I did not disable it before instaling WinXP).There are only two posibilities on my opinion:

1.) 12V pin conector on motherboard is problem (i did not try to change MB) .I think is very low possibility.
2.) Bios problem mixed with Win XP platform.

I did not try to disable ACPI in bios before instaling WinXP (I will try today) and did not try to change MB.I did not try this two remaing option becouse I hope there is some smoother solution (if there is).

One more think: before instaling WinXP i enabled in bios ACPI and APM but disable ACPI 2.0.Do You think it's afected my problem (I make together hundreds of PC's and have no expirienced any problem like this_to any power settings afected problem like this.But maybee this combination of hardwer and softwer is unique).Any idea before reinstal WinXP and try to change MB).Thanks in advance.