How to install new RAM successfully??

Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
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What IS the right way to go about installing new RAM and how do you ensure you buy the right RAM and not have your computer do funny things after upgrading?
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Read your manual how to insert new RAM and what type you need .

Hint for SDRAM/DDR Speedgrades : Higher speedgrades will work as slower memery,too but not vice versa

I have PC-400/PC-3200 in a K7S5A designed to run DDR-266/PC-2100 as max
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Hello I am a little new at computer. I wanted to confirm something. I have a biostar M7VIZ ver 8.0 board running a 2400+ AMD Sempron CPU. I put in 256 DDR 333 PC2700 ram. I wanted to know if the motherboard recognizes that it is 333mhz or do I have to set the speed with a jumper or in the BIOS? Do you have to set anything for Ram Mhz (266, 333, 400) or board will take any once it lists mhz speeds?
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