Is your memory not fully recognized? (Intel VX chipset Memory recognition)
#51382 by Powerman2442
Sat Dec 20, 2008 9:02 am
I recently received an older computer that I am trying to turn into a half-decent browseing/email computer. It has a SuperPower P2BXA motherboard. Here is a link to one of the very few websites I've found with information about it. ... P2BXA.html

According to that website you can max it out at 768 MB PC-100 SDRAM. When I got it I had 2 x 64 MB sticks in it equaling 128 MB. The person who had it before me installed Windows XP Pro on it, so it is fairly slow. Ordered 2 x 256 MB PC-100 sticks off of the internet, with the intent of using up all 3 DIMMS (2 x 256 & 1 x 64 MB). Finally, got the ram in today. Removed the two 64 MB sticks and installed both the 256 MBs. Powered it on and when I checked in System Properties to see how much ram I had I only had 256 MB.

So, I loaded up EVEREST Ultimate Edition to see what it registered the ram as. It is weird because in BANK 0 it said the stick was a 256 MB PC-133 SDRAM. In BANK 1 it said that it was a 256 MB PC-100. No clue why it is saying one is PC-133 and the other is PC-100. they are the exact same brand (Hyundai 256MB 32x64 SDRAM 168-Pin DIMM). the part number is... 32X64PC100-HYD-N. also in EVEREST Ultimate Edition under Motherboard --> Chipset it says there is 128 MB (SDRAM) in DRAM Slot #1 and 128 MB (SDRAM) in DRAM Slot #2. So I am guessing each BANK is only registering 128 MB of the 256 MB.

If I add one of the 64 MBs to BANK 3 it notices it just fine. My guess is I need to update my BIOs so it will detect 256 MB ram on each BANK. In EVEREST Ultimate Edition under Motherboard --> BIOS it says...

BIOS Type: Award Modular
BIOS Version: P2BXA VER:D.1
Award BIOs Type: Award Modular BIOS v4.51PG
Award BIOS Message: P2BXA VER:D.1
System BIOS Date: 01/20/99
Video BIOS Date: 98/10/15

I got the Phenoix's website to see if they have any BIOs for this board. They tell me they no longer support it but I can go to "" for a free BIOS scan (we know how this works). I go to the site, run a scan, and they tell me everything on my board they can update BIOs wise as well as drivers for my other devices. I clikc continue and they want me to pay $29.99 to do it.

Anyone able to help me here? Or give information to help me figure it out? Anything would be great.


P.S. Still confused about how the one stick in BANK 0 can be running at 133 Mhz an the second stick be running at 100 Mhz, when they are the same chip. This board doesn't even support PC-133. Maybe EVEREST in wrong? Thanks again.