Question about BootBlock section and other minor issues

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After days of research and testing on old motherboards I finally gathered the nerves to flash my (HP Hematite, / Asus A8MN-BR with another bios: the Asus M2NPV-VM bios.

I checked with asus-cbrom 1.15 and discovered that all relevant modules where present in both motherboards, allthough some file-sizes where a little different.

And I am glad that it works!!!!

I have enabled RAID striping succesfully, while this was not possible in the previous HP-dummybios :D

The M2NPV-VM mother has different LPC keyboard controller, but the new BIOS fortunately recognized the A8MN-BR keyboard controller anyway.

The fan controller and the sensors are not recognised, I have disabled these features in the CMOS menu.

Is it possible the install another module in the bios to fix this?

And I have another question:

I am using a PCIe - addon videocard.
The M2NPV-VM has an onboard geforce 6150.
The A8MN-BR has an onboard geforce 6150 LE.
The modules in the BIOS have a different name.
I am not sure if it is a good idea to boot without the PCIe - card.

Are the modules compatible?

Is there a way to extract / release the VGA module from the BB / BootBlock and insert another one back into the BIOS?
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Question about BootBlock section and other minor issues
cbrom32_115 /btvga - to insert new bootblock vga rom

The vga roms have differeте device id in reverse write
Nvidia VendorID 10DE
DE 10 40 02 (GeForce 6150 - DeviceID 0240)
DE 10 41 02 (GeForce 6150 LE - DeviceID 0241)
You must change it in VGA Rom and then fix the Rom module checksum in the last byte of VGA ROM file.

You may put the btvga rom by hand - with any Hex editor and lha archiver.
But in ASUS BIOS there is checksum after any rom module in mainboard BIOS (i'm not sure how about bootblock VGA)

If you have PCI-E Video - than look into BIOS settings - there is option to enable both Onboard and PCI-E simultaneously.
I don't remember it? but I can see tomorrow - my office computer based on M2NPV-VM.
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