Laptop Acer 7520

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Hello everyone

Well I Have a Laptop Acer 7520, last 10 days the screen picture corrupted so I made system restore but I don't know what happen the screen is blind , no kb, every think is died..i send the PC to the repair and after 1 week they said the Motherboard is dead and cost around 500 erou and better to get new,, after i search in internet, i found this site,,i read the most, many trial with boot CD and boot USB and and ....I get the screen again after Hours work ,,,I became very very happy ,,,after that when I get dos prompt again I made shut down and I connect the HD and battery power on ...but the problem again,, and I don't know how I did it first time..

Can u please advice me...

PS..I get my bios files from acer web site..

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