Compaq 515/516/615 BIOS dump... help!

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I'm currently searching for a working BIOS dump extracted from a Compaq 515, 516 or 615 laptop, they all use the same BIOS (68GVV). A BIOS upgrade was performed but after restart, the laptop was completely dead. Trying to fix it I flashed the chip SST25VF016 (2MB) with a programmer and with the file extracted from the BIOS update F.0C, but the laptop turns on without video and then it turns off after 10-30 seconds.

In the update utility there's a file with these address ranges:
0x140000 0x00010000
0x1c0000 0x00040000
0x8000 0x00008000

by checking the original dump I can see that the model number, serial number and other information is stored at range 0x140000-0x150000, but on the file from the BIOS update that range is filled with FF's. That range it's probably the security area which is currently filled with FF's. My customer says that before the update the laptop was working without problems. I've had searched the hard drive for the backup BIOS files that supposedly were created before the update, but couldn't find them, even used a utility to try to recover deleted files but without success.

The next thing I'm going to try is to copy range 0x140000-0x150000 from the original dump to the update and then flash the chip back again and check for results, probably the BIOS is going to complaint about the BIOS Checksum. Hopefully someone can provide me a working file.

HPQFlash -cBAKUPBIOSFile ... command to make a backup with the file update utility of the current BIOS installed. There's no space between the -c switch and the filename.

Thanks in advance

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I think you better bring it to the nearest HP/Compaq service center with the original proof of purchase receipt.

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