Acer Aspire E5-473G

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Well recently Acer came out with a new Bios for Aspire E5-473G what was Improve system performance Version 1.13 but turn out to be really awful bios from them ..

Now am followed with these problems as you can see ..

The LED Screen has turn out like this ?


Wifi randomly does this or cuts out completely


Also i Have tried to run an old version of Bios but it seems it needs some code tweaking needs to done to force it to downgrade ..

This is platform file via temp when i try to use the flash tool via A4WAB109 or H2OFFT-Wx64 ..

Here is some more info to help with my problem..

-Motherboard Manufacturer and Model : Acer Aspire E5-473G
-Bios Revision :1.13V
-Bios Type : InsydeH2O Rev 5.0
-Bios Link :
-Rw-everything report

This is the Bios bin file only for this laptop.. Have more if needed after using google and found stuff in China what states bios only files .. So please take a look at this file .. ?

Also Acer support is a complete wast of my time all am being asked to do is uninstall drivers and when i ask about stuff like the above the person doesn't give me any real answer for what i need to do to sort this mess out ..

i really would appreciate your help and thanks for reading about my situation am faced with now ..
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