Gateway e6100 mouse, keyboard, and VGA problem

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I have a Gateway e6100 series with an intel motherboard d875pbz. I have purchased a new motherboard and also a new PSU and still having problem with it detecting the VGA, keyboard, and mouse. I am not sure what is wrong, but all the searches I have made is pointing to BIOS issue. Please help me in getting this workstation up.

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If you really want and answer then give us some hardware detail.
What's your new motherboard, VGA card, Operating system, etc. Is keyboard (PS2 or USB?) not available in bios or also not in your OS ?
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get your drivers here

report back once you've installed the proper drivers for your OS and hardware.
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a new motherboard
install the drivers for that new motherboard from the CD that came with it so you can go to the manufacturer's website to update them to the latest version (chances are your network card is not working either).

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