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I have a AMD K6 2/350 w/Award Bios on a Avado system. This machine had major virus and hard drive problems. Lots of bad clusters. End of drive was damaged. A reformat recovered half the drive but the Bios got changed and now the modem or com ports other than #1 are not recognized. The video card is also obviously not loaded because I can not, no matter what driver I try, get the thing to show more than 16 colors. Do you have any step by step advise on how to change the BIOS back to something that works? Help Please! :(
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Your manual should detail the necesary BIOS settings. If not, we have a quick primer available through our main page (Settings). You can also download generic manuals from the Award website. (
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Of course you have tried to reset the cmos (clear it) and set the cmos to the defaults.
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