Jumpersettings for FSB on MSI MS-6119 DIP

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Hi again!

No, I still didn't solve my prob on the MS-6701 but here's my next challenge.

I still have one of those old 440BX goodies running almost perfect and reliable, but it looks as if it was time to spend it a new CPU.

I've been thinking of either an Intel Pentium III-S 1400 or an Intel Celeron 1400.

Using the PIII-S would require a FSB of 133MHz but how to achieve that on the MS-6119 DIP?
Rainbow wrote: BTW.: i440BX is known to work at 133MHz or even at 150MHz with proper cooling. The only problem is with AGP graphics cards because AGP will run at 89MHz or 100MHz (instead of 66MHz).
(http://www.wimsbios.net/phpBB2/viewtopi ... ght=133MHz)
The 6119 manual mentions that there are
68/75/83 an 103/112 MHZ clocks (reserved)
and furthermore
The CPU Bus Frequency is set at 66MHz or 100MHz by CPU default
In fact, at the moment the board is working fine at 112x8 - set by SoftFSB.
But to use the PIII-S I guess I'd need 133MHz FSB at boot time - anyone has any experience or any idea?

Thanx ahead,
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Try to get an updated manual from MSI Germany or MSI Taiwan - maybe they show a FSB133 setting

Another problem with FSB133 is the PCI-devider - with standard 3x devider PCI is way too high - a 4x is needed but not all Boards support this
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And AGP will run at 89MHz - if the board supports 133MHz at all.
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