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#55808 by videoclock
Tue Sep 28, 2010 1:15 pm
Hi people!

I'm trying to use this motherboard, but I'm not sure how I have to configure the jumpers.

I'm using AMD K6 II 550MHz, 3 RAM modules of 128MBytes each one, and I can read in the manual that it's a PC133:

That's my current configuration, but the PC has a strange behaviour and it hangs or reboots trying to install windows or booting a linux live cd:

JP8: Jumper 1: OFF
2: OFF
3: OFF
4: OFF
5: OFF
6: ON

JP5: jumper 1 and 2 connected, jumper 3 alone

SW1: Jumper 1: OFF
2: OFF
3: OFF
4: ON
5: OFF

with this configuration about JP5 and SW1 I get 2.8V for the k6 II 550 MHz processor. Is it the correct voltage?

Jumper setting for SDRAM clock: Jumper 2-3 ON --> SDRAM CLK = CPU CLK

Jumper setting for clearing CMOS data: Jumper 2-3 ON --> Normal

CPU fan Connector: nothing connected there

AGP fan connector: CPU cooler plugged there ( the graphics card is PCI)

Is this configuration correct? If not, please, let me know.

Thanks in advance.