Request help finding jumper settings or a motherboard manual.
#38162 by Yaye
Sat Apr 15, 2006 3:45 pm
Hello everyone..

I'm going to find a manual for a mainboard, I tried to search on the web using google, but no manuals.

The mainboard is:

Manufacter: VTech/Pc Patner
Model: MP5-TRI
Chipset: Intel Triton 430 FX (Socket 7 based m/b)
Form: Baby AT
Date Code: 60313
Code printed on board: 702732E
PCB-ID: 35-8212-33
BIOS string id: 06/13/96-i430FX-2A59CV3HC-00

If there isn't any manual, someone could tell me if it's possible to set the TURBO jumper (if there is or not on the board) and if there is or not the TURBO LED.

I can't find directly looking to the mainboard the jumper!

Thanks, Yaye