How to fix hangs on verifying dmi pool ?

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Sometimes it happens that your BIOS freezes or hangs at the "verifying dmi pool data" stage. To fix this you can try the following options:

  1. Try to find the option "Clear DMI pool Data" in your BIOS. If it's available set it to 'Enabled', save your BIOS settings and reboot to see if it fixes the hang. After a succesfull boot, the option normally reverts to disabled automatically
  2. Try to clear the CMOS. This is mostly done with setting a jumper on your motherboard. (check your motherboard manual for the exact instructions)
  3. Try to remove all components from your motherboards expect the ones that are absolutely necessary: eg. the CPU, Memory, Video card and a boot device Floppy disk or CDROM/DVD). If you can successfully boot now, the next step is to see which of the components you've removed is the culprit, by adding them back one by one

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