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Identify your Award BIOS based motherboard

Award BIOS motherboards identification

Many users don't know the name of their clone motherboard. This is because the company name is not mentioned anywhere in the manual, or on the motherboard. If you want to upgrade your BIOS you really have to know the motherboard manufacturer, because if you flash the wrong BIOS upgrade your system could stop booting.

Luckily, Award and AMI BIOS have a unique BIOS ID (= BIOS Number) which identifies the manufacturer and chipset of the board. Phoenix BIOSs, in most cases, do NOT.

The AMI or Award BIOS id appears at the bottom of your screen after power on, during memory count up. The PAUSE key should work at that point, allowing you to write down the BIOS number, the BIOS date, and the version. You must copy it exactly.

If you have an AMI BIOS you can also try the AMIBIOS Motherboard ID Utility (written by AMI) (Click here to visit the AMI BIOS number page.)

Let's show you an example of an Award BIOS id: 2A59IZ1DC-00

The first 5 characters identify the chipset. 2A59I stands for the Intel Triton TX chipset. You can find an extensive list of chipsets if you scroll down a bit.

The sixth & seventh character identify the manufacturer: in this case it's Z1. If you look at the Award Hardware Vendors list (see below) you'll find that the manufacturer is Zida/Tomato

The 8th character (most of the times, not always!) identifies the model. I say 'most of the times' because the manufacturer can use the same 8th character for all models based on a particular chipset!.

The C-00 at the end doesn't mean much.

Identifying the chipset

As noted above the first part of the Award BIOS Number identifies the chipset used. The following is a list of all the ids and their corresponding chipsets. Follow the links to get a list of  known BIOS numbers for a particular chipset.

Note that when the BIOS begins with a 2 then the Award BIOS core version is 4.50 or 4.51. If it starts with a 3 this means the BIOS core is version 4.60. BIOS Numbers that start with a 6 have a Award BIOS V6.00 core

Award BIOS Chipset codes list

Award Chipset Code Chipset name
154I5 SiS 85C431/85C420/85C411/85C406/85C405
213V1 SARC RC2018
21480 HiNT SC9204 (Sierra), HMC82C206
214D1 HiNT SC9204 (Sierra), HMC82C206
214I8 SiS 85C471
214I9 SiS 85C471E
214K6 ALi M1419
214L2 VIA VT82C486A
214L6 VIA Venus VT82C486A/VT82C495/VT82C496G
214UE OPTi 495SLC
214W3 VD 88C898
214X2 UMC 491
215UM OPTi 82C546/82C597
21917 ALD
219K3 ALI M1217
219V0 SARC RC2016
2A431 Cyrix MediaGx Cx5510
2A432 Cyrix GXi Cx5520
2A433 Cyrix GXm Cx5520
2A434 Cyrix GXm Cx5530
2A496 Intel Saturn
2A498 Intel Saturn II
2A499 Intel Aries
2A4H2 Contaq 82C596-9
2A4h4 Contaq 82C596/82C599
2A4IB SiS 496/497
2A4J6 Winbond W83C491(SL82C491 Symphony Wagner)
2A4KA ALi ?
2A4KC ALi 1439/45/31
2A4KD ALi 1487/1489
2A4L4 VIA 486A/482/505
2A4L6 VIA 496/406/505
2A4O3 EFAR EC802GL, EC100G
2A4UK OPTI-802G-822
2A4X5 UMC 8881E/8886B
2A4Z0 Integrated Micro Solutions IMS8848 / IMS8849
2A4Z0 ?
2A597 Intel Mercury
2A59A Intel Natoma (Neptune)
2A59B Intel Mercury
2A59C Intel i430FX Triton
2A59F Intel i430HX Triton II
2A59G Intel Triton VX
2A59H Intel Triton VX with an illegal BIOS
2A59I Intel Triton TX
2A5C7 VIA VT82C570
2A5G7 VLSI VL82C594
2A5GB VLSI Lynx VL82C541/VL82C543
2A5IA SiS 501/02/03
2A5IC SiS 5501/02/03
2A5ID SiS 5511/12/13
2A5IE SiS 5101-5103
2A5IF SiS 5596/5597 or 5596/5513
2A5IH SiS 5571
2A5II SiS 5582/5597/5598
2A5IJ SiS 5120 Mobile
2A5IK SiS 5591
2A5IM SiS 530
2A5IO SIS 530/960 · Audio/LAN 10/100MBit/VGA onboard
2A5KB Ali 1449/61/51
2A5KE ALI 1511
2A5KF ALI 1521/23
2A5KI ALI IV+ M1531/M1543
2A5KK Ali Aladdin V
2A5L5 VIA ?
2A5L7 VIA VT82C570
2A5L9 VIA VT82C570M
2A5LA VIA Apollo VP1 (VT82C580VP)
2A5LC VIA Apollo VP2
2A5LE VIA Apollo (M)VP3
2A5LH VIA Apollo VP4
2A5R5 Forex FRX58C613/601A
2A5R6 Forex FRX58C613A/602B/601B
2A5T6 ACC Micro 2278/2188 (Auctor)
2A5T8 ACC Micro 2051
2A5UI Opti 82C822/596/597 or OPTi 596/546/82
2A5UL Opti 82C822/571/572
2A5UM Opti 82C822/546/547
2A5UN Opti Viper-M 82C556/557/558 or Opti Viper 82C556/557/558
2A5UP Opti Viper Max
2A5UQ Opti Firebridge II
2A5X7 UMC 82C890
2A5X8 UMC UM8886BF/UM8891BF/UM8892BF
2A5XA UMC 890C
2A5XC ITE-8330G
2A69D Intel Orion EISA
2A69H Intel 440FX
2A69J Intel 440LX/EX
2A69K Intel 440BX/ZX/GX
2A69L Intel (Camino) 820
2A69M Intel (Whitney) 810
2A69N Intel i440MX 'Banister'
2A69T Intel® 440GX
2A69V Intel i845/i845E with Award Modular BIOS v6.00PG
2A6IL SiS 5600
2A6IN SiS 620
2A6IR SiS 630
2A6KL Ali 1621/1543C
2A6KO ALi M1631/M1535D
2A6LF Via Apollo Pro (691/596)
2A6LG Via Apollo Pro Plus (692/596)
2A6LI Via MVP4 VIA 601(Trident video on-chip)/686A (Modem on-chip, Sound on-chip)
2A6LJ VIA 694X/596B and VIA 694X/686A(Modem on-chip, Sound on-chip)
2A6LK VIA VT8371 (KX-133)
2A9KG ALi M6117/M1521/M1523
2A9KH ALi M6117C
2AG9H Intel Neptune ISA
2B496 Intel Saturn I EISA
2B597 Intel Mercury EISA
2B59A Intel Neptune EISA
2B59F Intel 430HX EISA
2B69D Intel Orion EISA
2C460 UNIchip U4800-VLX
2C470 HYF82481
2C4D2 HiNT SC8006 (Sierra), HMC82C206
2C4I7 SiS 461
2C4I8 SiS 85C471B
2C4I9 SiS 85C471B/E/G
2C4J6 Winbond W83C491(SL82C491 Symphony Wagner)
2C4K9 ALI 14296
2C4KC Ali 1439/45/31 Chipset
2C4L2 VIA 82C486A Chipset
2C4L6 VIA VT496G Chipset
2C4L8 VIA VT425MV chipset
2C4O3 EFAR EC802G-B Chipset
2C4S0 AMD Elan 470
2C4T7 ACC Micro 2048 (Auctor)
2C4UK OPTI 82C895/82C602
2C4X2 UMC UM82C491/82C493
2C4X6 UMC UM498F/496F
2C4Y1 Samsung KS82C884
2C917 ALD
2C9V0 SARC RC2016
3A69K Intel 440BX/440ZX
3A6LF Via Apollo Pro (691/596) with Award BIOS v4.60PGA
6A434 ?
6A437 ?
6A439 AMD Geode CS5535
6A43A AMD Geode GX3 (CS5536)
6A450 STMicroelectronics PC Client ST86 processor
6A451 ST Microelectronics PC Client ST86 processor
6A522 Transmeta Crusoe + VIA® VG82C686A/B
6A524 Transmeta TM5800 + VIA8231
6A526 Transmeta TM8000 + Uli1563
6A5IV SiS 550 SoC (System-on-Chip)
6A5KK ALi ?
6A5LE VIA Apollo (M)VP3
6A5LH VIA MVP4 with Award 6.00 bios
6A601 ServerWorks ServerSet III LE
6A602 ServerWorks LC-T
6A604 Serverworks GCLE CSB5
6A61A Nvidia nForce
6A61B Nvidia nForce 2
6A61C nVidia nForce3 150 / nForce3 250Gb
6A61E NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Intel Edition
6A61F NVidia nForce4
6A61H NVIDIA® GeForce6100 or nVidia nForce 590 SLI
6A61I NVIDIA nForce 680i
6A61I NVIDIA® nForce 650i SLI MCP
6A61I NVIDIA® nForce 680i SLI MCP
6A61J NVIDIA® nForce 4 MCP
6A61J NVIDIA® nForce 550
6A61J NVIDIA® nForce 590 SLI
6A61J NVIDIA® nForce 570 SLI
6A61K NVIDIA® GeForce 6100 / nForce 430
6A61K NVIDIA® nForce 520LE
6A61K NVIDIA® GeForce 7025 / nForce 630a
6A61L NVIDIA® nForce 560
6A61M Nvidia C15G
6A61N NVIDIA® nForce2 SPP-128 + nForce2 MCP-T
6A61N NVIDIA® GeForce 70xx / nForce 610i
6A61N NVIDIA® GeForce 71xx / nForce 630i
6A61O NVIDIA® GeForce 8100
6A61O NVIDIA® GeForce 8200
6A61O NVIDIA® nForce 750a SLI
6A61O NVIDIA® GeForce 82xx / nForce 720D
6A660 ATI A3 (Radeon IGP320)
6A661 ATI A3 (Radeon IGP320) with VIA VT82686B
6A662 ATI A4 (Radeon IGP340)
6A664 ATi R9100 Pro IGP
6A665 ATI RS400
6A666 ATI RS480 (XPRESS 200) (SB400) / ATI RX480 (XPRESS 200P) (SB400)
6A667 ATI RD600
6A668 ATI® CrossFire™ Xpress 3200 + SB450
6A669 AMD 740G + SB710
6A669 AMD 690G/V
6A66A AMD 790FX
6A66A AMD 790GX + SB750
6A66A AMD 780G + SB700
6A682 Intel 82443BX + SLC90E66 (SMSC)
6A69K Intel 440BX/ZX/GX chipset (with Award BIOS v6.00)
6A69L Intel Camino i820 with Award BIOS v6.00
6A69M Intel i810(E) chipset with Award BIOS v6.00
6A69N Intel 440MX
6A69P Intel 840
6A69R Intel Solano i815(E) with Award BIOS v6.00
6A69S Intel i850 chipset with Award BIOS v6.00
6A69T Intel i845G/i845GL
6A69V Intel i845/i845E with Award BIOS v6.00
6A69W Intel E7205 / E7505
6A69X Intel i845GE
6A69Y Intel i845PE / i852 / i855
6A69Z Intel i845GV
6A6IR SiS 630
6A6IS SiS 730 chipset with Award BIOS v6.00
6A6IT SiS 635
6A6IU SiS 733 chipset with Award BIOS v6.00
6A6IX SIS650
6A6IY SiS 740
6A6IZ SiS 745
6A6KQ ALi 1631 + 1543C
6A6KT ALi MAGiK 1 (M1647/M1535D+) / ALi M1649/M1535D
6A6KU ALi M1651/M1535D+
6A6KX ALi M1671 (ALADDiN-P4)
6A6LG VIA VT82C693A VT82C694A
6A6LI VIA Apollo PLE133T
6A6LJ VIA 694X/686A (Apollo Pro 133A)
6A6LK VIA VT8371 (KX-133) with Award BIOS v6.00
6A6LL VIA ProSavage PN133T (VT8605)
6A6LM VIA VT8363 (KT-133)
6A6LN VIA VT8365 (KM-133) / VT8364 (KL-133) / 8361/686 KLE133
6A6LO VIA PLE-133/8231
6A6LP VIA Apollo Pro 133T
6A6LS VIA® VT8363 (KT133A) / VT8231
6A6LU VIA Apollo Pro266 / VIA CLE266
6A6LW VIA P4X266 (VT8753+VT8233)
6A6LX VIA Apollo P4X400 / VIA PT800
6A6LY VIA KT400 / VIA KT600 / VIA KM400 / KM266Pro / KM400A
6A6S2 AMD-751
6A6S3 AMD 751-686A
6A6S6 AMD-760/761
6A6S7 AMD-762
6A79A Intel i865/i865P/i865PE/i865G/i848P
6A79B Intel 875P 'Canterwood'
6A79B Intel? E7210
6A79C Intel E7230
6A79D Intel i915/i915G/915P & ICH6R chipset
6A79E Intel® E7221 (Copper River)
6A79F Intel i925
6A79G Intel 915GM
6A79H Intel 945P & ICH7/945G & ICH7
6A79I Intel i955X
6A79I Intel? i975X
6A79K Intel® 945GM Express
6A79L Intel® P965 Express
6A79N Intel GL960 / GM965 / PM965 Crestline
6A79O Intel® G33
6A79O Intel X38 chipset
6A79O Intel® Q35
6A79O Intel® P35
6A79P Intel® G41
6A79P Intel X48 Express / ICH9
6A79P Intel® P45 + ICH10
6A79R Intel® 975X Express
6A79T Intel 945P Express
6A79U Intel 915G
6A79V Intel 915P Express
6A79W Intel i865GV
6A79X Intel i848P
6A79Y Intel i865P
6A79Z Intel i865PE
6A7I0 SIS® 648FX
6A7I0 SIS648
6A7I1 SiS748
6A7I3 SiS755
6A7I4 SiS 661FX
6A7I5 SiS655FX
6A7I7 SiS-755 or SiS-760 chipset
6A7I8 SiS-741 chipset
6A7IA SiS 651
6A7IB SiS 649 & 965(L)
6A7IC SiS® 756
6A7ID SiS® 761GX
6A7IE SiS® 662
6A7IY SiS 740
6A7K0 ALi M1563/AMD-8131 chipset
6A7K1 ALi M1683/ALi M1563
6A7K2 ALi M1683+M1563
6A7K4 ULi M1689 (Single chip)
6A7K6 ATI Radeon XPRESS 200 (RS480)
6A7K8 ULi M1687
6A7K9 ATI® Radeon XPRESS 3200 (RD580)
6A7L0 VIA K8T800 / VIA K8HTB-8235
6A7L1 VIA K8M800 and K8T800Pro
6A7L2 VIA PT800 / PT880 / P4X533 / PM880 / PM800 / P4M800
6A7L3 VIA KT880
6A7L4 VIA PT880 Pro
6A7L5 VIA K8T890 + VT8237
6A7L6 VIA® P4M800
6A7L6 VIA P4M800Pro / VIA CN700 + VT8237RP
6A7L7 VIA® K8T890 with VT8237R chipset (duplicate code, same as 6A7L5 code)
6A7L8 VIA® PT890
6A7L8 VIA® P4M890
6A7L8 VIA® P4M900 + VT8237S
6A7L9 VIA CX700
6A89H Intel® Atom 2xx + 945GC
6A99O Intel® G31
6A99O Intel® P31
7A61Q nVidia MCP7A GeForce 9400
7A66A AMD 770 + SB710
7A66A AMD 790X + SB750
7A66A AMD 760G + SB710
7A66B AMD 880G + SB850
7A66B AMD 785G + SB710
7A66B AMD 890GX + SB850
7A66C AMD 870 + SB850
7A66D AMD 890FX + SB850
7A66E AMD? A45 FCH / A50M
7A66F AMD 970 + SB950
7A66F AMD 990FX + SB950
7A66F AMD 990X + SB950
7A66H AMD? A75
7A69P Intel® Q45
7A69P Intel P43 + ICH10
7A89H Intel® Atom 3xx + 945GC
7A89P Intel® G43 + ICH10
7A89P Intel® G45 + ICH10
7A89Q Intel? X58 + ICH10
7A89R Intel® P55
7A89S Intel® Atom D5xx + NM10
7A89S Intel® Atom D4xx + NM10
7A89T Intel® H55
7A89T Intel® H57
7A89T Intel® Q57
7A89U Intel® H67
7A89U Intel® B65
7A89V Intel® P67
7A89W Intel® Z68
7A89X Intel® H61
8A79R Intel© SCH US15W
8A79S Intel© GM45
8A79T Intel X58
8A79W Intel® Q45
8A79Y Intel© 945GSE Express
8A89B Intel® Atom 4xx/5xx + ICH8 Pine View
8A89C Intel® Atom D2xxx Cedar View
8A8LD VIA VX900 + Nano
9A69V Intel i845PE Chipset (used on some Epox motherboards)
9A69V Intel i845PE Chipset
IA6LJ VIA 694X/686A (Apollo Pro 133A) (on Chaintech motherboards)
IL6IX SiS 645 + SiS 961 chipset (on Chaintech motherboards)
JA6LM VIA VT8363 (KT-133) (only used on Matsonic m/b)
TA6LK VIA VT8371 (KX-133) with Award BIOS v6.00 (used by some Chaintech motherboards)

Identifying the motherboard manufacturer

The two characters following the last character of the chipset identification identify the motherboard manufacturer.The following is a list of all the ids and their corresponding manufacturers. Follow the links to go to the individual company pages on my website. Those individual company pages will list all Award BIOS Numbers for that company.

Award BIOS Motherboard manufacturer vendor codes

Award Vendor Code Motherboard manufacturer
A0 Asus
A1 Abit
A2 Atrend
A3 Bcom Technology
A7 AVT Industrial
A8 Adcom
AA Axis Taiwan
AB AOpen
AC Artdex
AD Amaquest
AH Assem
AI Artis
AK Aaeon
AK Advantech
AM Achme
AO Ally
AP Arbor
AQ Altos
AT ASK Technology
AV Acrosser
AW AOpen (with AW)
AW Acer
AX Achitec
AY Angel (SYNC)
AZ Arstoria
B0 Biostar
B1 BEK-Tronic Technology
B2 Boser
B5 Bethel
B6 Beyond
BB Britek
BF Bharat Electronics (BEL)
BG Aewin
BI Arcom
BK Magic-Pro (with BK)
BK Albatron (with BK)
BQ Azylex Technology
BZ BAFO Technologies
C0 Matsonic
C1 Clevo
C2 Chicony
C3 Chaintech
C5 Chaplet
C6 Calcomp
C7 Canta
C8 Cloud
C9 Computrend
CE Crete Systems
CF Flagpoint
CL Contec
CS Cardex
CS Gainward
CV California Graphics
CZ Powercolor
CZ CP Technology
D0 Dataexpert
D2 Digital
D3 Digicom
D5 DD&TT Enterprise Inc
D7 Daewoo
D8 Dynasty
D8 Nature Worldwide Technology Corp
DB Densitron
DC Dongwha
DD Ding Ying
DE Dual Tech
DF Daesun
DI Domex (DTC)
DJ Darter
DL Delta Electronics
DL Delta System
DN DAIC Microsystems
E0 Evalue Technology Inc
E1 ECS (Elitegroup)
E6 Elonex
E7 Expen Tech
E9 Express
EI Evate T&C
EM LiPPERT Automationstechnik (with EM)
EO Evalue Technology Inc
F1 Flytech Group International
F2 Free Tech
F3 Full Yes
F5 Fugutech
F8 Formosa Industrial Computing
F9 Redfox
F9 Aprocom
F9 Polaris
F9 Acorp (with F9)
F9 Ford Lian
FB Fukunaga
FC Fuda
FD Fungus
FF Fantas
FG Fastfame Technology Co., Ltd.
FH Friend Tech
FI Foxen
FK Foxconn
FL Foxconn
G0 Gigabyte
G0 Magic-Pro (with G0)
G3 Gemlight
G6 Grandtek
G9 Global Circuit Technology (GCT)
GA Giantec
GB Great Wall
GC Gisol
GE Globe Legate (Zaapa)
GF Gold Rain
H0 PC Chips (Hsin Tech)
H2 Shuttle (Holco)
H3 Hedonic
H6 Hyundai
H7 Hyosung
H8 Howatek
H9 Hyosan
HA Hong Lin
HB Huawei
HE Heisei
HE Seavo (with HE)
HH HighTech Information System
HJ Sono Computer
I1 Innovace
I2 Iston (FIC)
I3 Iwill
I4 Inventa
I5 Informtech International
I7 Inlog Microsystem
IA Imax
IB Ibus
IC Inventec
IE Industrial Technology Research Institute
IG Imageview
IH Industrial Technology Research Institute
IL IBASE - Technoland
IM IA Link
IX IPOX Technology
J1 Acorp (with J1)
J1 Magic-Pro (with J1)
J1 Jetway
J1 J-Mark
J2 Jamicon
J3 J-Bond
J4 Jetta
J5 J-Square
J6 Joss Technology
J7 J&J Technology
J9 Jeruo
JA J-Star
JB Jaton
JD Japan Digital
JE J Shin's Kingdom
JG Janich & Klass
JJ Jean
JK Jama
JL Shenzhen Jiehe
K0 Kapok
K1 Kaimei
K5 King Fair
K6 Kingstone
K9 Kentech Electronic
KA Korea
KB Kasan
KE Kiwi
KF KINPO Electronic
KH King Young Technology
KH Albatron
L0 Lung Hwa
L1 Lucky Star
L6 Logisys
L7 Lanner Electronics
L8 Lica
L9 Lucky Tiger
LB Leadtek
LE LiPPERT Automationstechnik
LF LeadTek/Foxconn
LG Lian Guan
LL Lite-on
M0 Matra
M1 Modula Tech Co
M2 TMC (Taiwan MyComp Corporation)
M3 Mitac
M4 Microstar
M8 Mustek
M9 Micro Leader Enterprises
MA Miyuki
ME M.I. (Sungwon)
MF Microgram
MG Myung Shig
MH Macrotek
MI Micro Design
MJ Microsys
MK Maruda
MN Microbus
MP Maxtium Computer
MQ Macro Mate
MS Maxtech
MS Maxnav
MT Mida
N0 Nexcom
N1 Notestar
N3 Square One Industries
N4 National Advantages Computer Inc
N5 Nec
N6 Nuseed Technology Inc
N9 Neon Tech
NC New Dimension
NE Nasdaq
NX Nexar
O0 Octek (Ocean Office Automation)
O4 Oricom
O9 Optimum
P0 Puretek
P2 Pai-jung
P6 Protech Systems
P8 Acorp (with P8)
P8 Azza
P9 Powertech
PC Pine Technology
PF President Technology Inc
PK ALD Technology
PN Procomp Informatics
PR Super Grace Electronics
PS Palmax
PV Portwell
PX Pionix
Q0 Quanta Computer
Q3 Askey
QL Cantron
R0 Rise Computer
R2 Rectron
R3 Datavan International
R9 RSAP Technology
RA RioWorks Solutions
RM Zillion
S2 Soyo
S3 Smart D&M Technology
S5 Holco Enterprise
S9 Spring Circle
SA Seanix
SC Sukjung
SE New Tech
SH Luckytech Technology
SH Acorp (with SH)
SJ Sowah
SL Sunvalley
SM Hope Vision
SM Acorp (with SM)
SM San Li
SM SuperPower
SN Magic-Pro (with SN)
SN Soltek
ST Syncus Tech
SV Seavo
SW Acorp (with SW)
SX Supermicro
T0 Twinhead
T1 Trangg Bow
T4 Taken
T5 Tyan
T6 Trigem
T7 Tatung
TB Tae Il Media
TD Top Cyber
TE Technica House
TF Think Systems
TG Tekram
TI Tripod
TJ Totem Technology
TL Transcend
TM Tesco
TN Teco
TP Commate
TR Top Star
TS Tekhill
TW T&W Electronics
TX Tsann Kuen (EUPA)
TY Aeton Technology
U0 U-Board
U1 Universal Scientific Industrial
U2 UHC Advanced Integration Research
U3 Umax
U4 Unicorn
U5 Unico
U6 Unitron
U7 Upgrade Tech Computer
U9 Warp Speed
UK Nexcom (with UK)
V1 Vector
V3 VTech
V5 Vision Top
V6 Vobis
V7 YKM (Dayton Micro)
V9 Vista
W0 WinTechnologies (Edom)
W1 Well Join Industry
W4 Wen Wha
W5 Winco
W7 Win Lan
W9 Weal Union Development
WB WeLink Solutions
WL Movita
X3 Acorp
X4 A-Win
X5 Arima
X8 AllWell (Chou Chin)
X9 Agama
XA ADLink Technology Inc.
XH Atoz International
XJ Agama
XQ Cybernet
Y2 Yamashita
Y3 Yoko
Y5 Micro Meter
YN Pine Technology (with YN)
YX Termtek
Z0 XO Infotech
Z1 Zida
Z3 ShenZhen Zeling

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