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#26187 by djwhite
Fri Jun 25, 2004 8:42 am
I have a problem. I have MB Asus P4PE-X TE and it doesn't work with my new procesor.

Before changing procesor:

My motherboard work fine with Intel Celeron 2400MHz Northwood (FSB was 400MHz,128KB cash and of course my memory run at 266Mhz_even it is 333MHz modul). Bios was updeted to newer reliece 1006. Sometimes I have had 512MB RAM, sometimes 256MB_offten changing modules and manufactures.But it work perfect all the time with all modules.


My M/B can not boot (black screen and beeps) when I put my new P4 2800MHz 533MHz FSB Prescot (90nm) with 1MB cash memory.When I power up my comp. M/B start to make beeps like the procesor is not recognized.

What I tryed:

I thry three more procesor (same 2.8GHz FSB 533MHz, 90nm,1MB cash) and tenths of memory modules (three diferent manufactures and two tipes 333MHz and 400MHz SS and DS modules), three diferent VGA, 3 same M/B Asus P4PE-X TE . Changing position of memory (slot1,slot2,slot3).All those memory modules, M/B's and VGA's with my old Intel Cel.4 2400MHz ,FSB 400MHz,128KB cash, Northwood 1300nm procesor boot and work normal. I try to reflash the Bios with the same latest version (1006) and try with beta reliece bios (1007.001) but the same problem apiered (no boot,bios beep_the same beep when you try to boot without procesor).The beeps are the same when I put the procesor in ZIF and when there is no any procesor in motherboard.That indicade that problem is in recognizing procesor. When I put those procesors (2.8GHz Prescot) in Asus M/B P4B533-X it works normal. There is on the Asus site that M/B Asus P4PE-X TE support Prescot procesors since bios 1005 and I have had it newer 1006. What I suspect: POWER. I know that Celeron will work normal even if You pull out 12V cable out of P4 motherboard.But P4 won't work (the extra 12V power is designed for P4 procesor).Maybe the 12V cable,power box on ATX case or 12V pin on the motherboard is problem ( it's preaty small chances that 12V conector is bad on all same three M/B I tryed). I did not try to change ATX or only power box on ATX case.What about CPU core voltage?Is it the same on Prescot and Northwood procesors?

Any good idea!?