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#16127 by electrofux
Fri May 02, 2003 3:14 pm

recently i have bought a powerleap CPU upgrade for my Gigabyte Ga 6ba mainboard. But i need to patch my BIOS. I heard from other users with the same mainboard that apple_rom's bios patcher is perfect for my situation. I have downloaded the bp-4rc_F.exe file and have my bios file ("6BA.F1") at hand.
Can anybody help me through the correct procedure.
What happened so far is that when i put both files in the same directory an entered "bp 6ba.f1" in DOS i get hte error that "bp" is not an existing command. When i enter "bp-4rc_F 6ba.f1" i get "error 0012 no more fitting files".
Do i have to download cbrom.exe and the other two files too to get this working. I read in the readme they are already integrated.
And is it right, that when the process is completed, i have to flash my bios with the same bios file (which has probably been altered during the process)?