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#41626 by trodas
Thu Oct 19, 2006 1:54 pm
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#41626 by trodas
Thu Oct 19, 2006 1:54 pm

This is a VIA KT133 mobo from JetWay (curiously, you can't find it anymore on their pages, they are probably ashamed about it) and I do wonder, if someone have any usable bios for it.
My stepbro flashed once a new bios to it and lost the Vcore adjustments. Not to mention with AXP Barton 2800+ it lost the multiplier adjustments too... (with Duron it worked)

I managed to recap it (GSC caps dies on us pretty soon) and run it at 150x12.5 (default 2800+ multi) yet I would like to see multi about 14x, maybe even more and Vcore adjustments back.

I did this unlock mod:
worked well on MSI KT6V (tought the suxxking bios did not allow 5bit multipliers change, so, no help, I can only down my multi, witch is the last thing I wanted) but my bios on V266B did not show anything different after this mod...

current bios is Phoenix - Award

I managed to find the latest bios A13:
And the previous one as well - A12:
However the A12 show trashed display after flashing, so I have get back to the A13 - and also again no damn Vcore selection or multiplicator selection. I'm affraid I have to unlock these option somehow, into the bios file I can exactly see the Vcore bios options:
Code: Select allCPU Vcore Select Default 1.100V  1.125V  1.150V  1.175V  1.200V  1.225V  1.250V  1.275V  1.300V  1.325V  1.350V  1.375V  1.400V  1.425V  1.450V  1.475V  1.500V  1.525V  1.550V  1.575V  1.600V  1.625V  1.650V  1.675V  1.700V  1.725V  1.750V  1.775V  1.800V  1.825V  1.850V
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