#24574 by Stdavids-IT
Sun Mar 21, 2004 9:36 pm
Hi Guys,

This is my first post so hello to all you knowledgable techies out there.. :D . My problem is this, I have just bought a DFI Infinity 875P mobo with the intention of running a small win2k3 sbs server for v. small network. having installed everything, radarsync found a BIOS update for the mobo, i dnlded, flashed, rebooted and....oh my God....BOOT BLOCK BIOS version 1.0 pops up. OK don't panic!! just create a floppy with awdflash and the .bin file and all will be well.....noi such luck, the keyboard won't work so I need to find a version of Awdflash.exe with a facility to enable me to include the .bin as part of the executable so it all runs automatically and re-flashes. Havn't been able to find one until I stumbled upon this post after many hours of searching.

So, the story as it stands is that I have dnlded the files from above and will be flashing on Monday morning.....I'll keep you posted but I think I'm onto a winner here. 8)