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#34777 by zandirgator
Fri Nov 04, 2005 3:50 am
Has anyone experieced problems with this? I upgraded my 600E to a 750Mhz MMC-2 CPU and am using it at 810Mhz overclocked.

After running H-Oda's CPUID I got quite a surprise, it reports that the AGP bus of the thinkpad is disabled! I know the last driver provided by Neomagic to IBM for the MagicMedia card really sucks and the card doesn't even have a 3D pipeline for Direct3D or OpenGL BUT enabling the AGP port to work would make DVD playback and MPEG playback much more acceptable and take some of the load off the CPU for graphics processing.

The AGP is a spec 1 and it does 1X and 2X datarate transfers for 2D, anyone know how to enable the port?