Don't ask how to hack password. (BIOS Passwords)
#13994 by stonent
Thu Feb 20, 2003 11:44 pm
The Latitude CP and CPiD have the same exact motherboard but the bios determines whether or not you can have a Pentium or Pentium II. By flashing with the TR4 bios (a OEM bios) you can make it run in Dual mode. Simply install your Pentium II MMC-1 processor and boot up and then flash with the latest CPiD bios.

The CPxH/CPtV do not support Speedstep Pentium III processors. If one is installed, they will boot at the lowest speed the processor supports. To get around this, download the CPxJ bios floppy and run the bios with the /jabil switch. It will reprogram it with the CPxJ bios which DOES support speedstep.

The inspiron 3700 is the same way. Use the 3800 bios.

You can add pentium II support to an inspiron 3000 by swapping the 2 flash chips from an inspiron 3200 (purchase a dead board from ebay). Note: If you try to flash the 3200 bios into the 3000, it will kill it!.

The TR4 bios for the CP can be obtained from my website:

The other bioses can be obtained from the Dell website.
The Delltalk forums are another source for good info.
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