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#55707 by Sharedoc
Sun Sep 05, 2010 7:35 am
Measured over period of 60hours power consumption of TP600 based home server is 50Wh, so avarage consumption is 0.83W. Most of the time server is idling and this explains why consumption in much less than 3W under heavy traffic.

For the next measurement period I disabled all non-used devices such as infrared, PCMCIA, COM-port, game port, audio system, standard display adapter.

Also for the next measurement period I will include Devolo network adapter module (USB-connected) in the measurement. Previously I used Devolo network adapter (Ethernet-type) but I discovered that Ethernet-type heats (consumes more power in standby) much more than USB-type adapter. I will switch to using only USB-type network adapters in my house.